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Top 5 free apps when u live in Shanghai

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1 Top 5 free apps when u live in Shanghai on Tue 20 Dec 2011, 10:31 am

1. Feixin (飞信)

There are plenty of clever apps in the world, but this one is life-changing.

Basically, Fei Xin is an online service, now complete with app, that allows you to send text messages to anyone who can receive text messages for free. It's perfect for those truly tight Apple aficionados who cringe at every kuai they waste with each SMS.

2. Sina Weibo (新浪微博)

Sina's microblogging site is one of the most popular in China, and its mobile client has followed in its footsteps.

This Chinese version of Twitter is equally user-friendly and is a great way to stay connected with news feeds, images and inane details of people's lives -- plus of course allowing you to share your own news, photos and inane details.

3. City Fu Shanghai

This listings app has a comprehensive list of Shanghai's venues -- with address, contact details and maps -- as well as ratings and reviews from real people.

Developed by the people behind City Weekend magazine, this app can also be used offline and is particularly useful for expats and travelers.

4. Shanghai City Guide

Although there are plenty of Shanghai-related listings apps, this one is worthy of inclusion because it's both free and it gives a good variety of events, shopping information, hotels, restaurants and more. Being able to search offline according to name, price or recommendations is also very handy.

The information given for each venue isn't as comprehensive as you get with City Fu, but as they are both free, you're not losing anything if you invest in both.

5. Douban FM

This personal music channel works much the same way as Pandora or Spotify do outside China -- with the distinct advantage that it also works inside of China.

Sign up online at Douban.com and you're all set to download your app and start streaming music over Wi-Fi or 3G.

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2 Re: Top 5 free apps when u live in Shanghai on Tue 20 Dec 2011, 10:40 am

kayaknya 大众点评 kelupaan deh... sama buat nae MRT,kkk

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