Yoyoyo Happy New Year 2013!!

Cmon Guys buruan register, dengan menjadi member kalian ga terganggu oleh ADVERTISEMENT dan juga bisa dengan mudah mendapatkan berita-berita terbaru. Cara register pun mudah,klik tombol register dan masukin nama password dan email kalian atau juga bisa dengan menggunakan account facebook kalian...

Tunggu apa lagi XD!

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the uniquest New Restaurant 2012 in Shanghai

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1 the uniquest New Restaurant 2012 in Shanghai on Tue 25 Dec 2012, 11:14 pm

Ultraviolet is an avant garde dining concept by resident molecular madman Paul Pairet. This restaurant will take you to a single table in a white room that is tricked out with lights, speakers, a projector and even a state-of-the-art fragrance diffusion contraption. What ensues is a degustation in over 20 courses, each one accompanied with unique sights, sounds, and, at times, even scents. They will pick you to get there and they will wrap your eyes off till you arrive there, and its all dark. while you enjoy your dinner, where the menu is a special menu just for the day and the room where you will eat at the same time the room will be same as the theme of the day's menu, unfortunately this restaurant is fully booked till january 2013, lets make a reservation for next year its gonna be an unforgettable moment in your life!

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gw gak ngerti nat, maksudnya suasananya enak ato suasananya yang unik? makanannya??

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ada nama zhongwen nya ka?

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