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Penumpang Taxi di Beijing tertusuk jarum HIV, dan ditinggalkan pacar.

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10 PM on Aug 21 in Beijing, Xu Tian (pseudonym) took a taxi, and was pricked by the needle of a syringe hidden in the magazine rack on the back of the front seat. He was sitting in the back seat, planning to cross his legs, “Just as I lifted my right leg, the car made a turn, and the moment my body leaned over, my leg was suddenly pricked a little above my right knee.”

He found a needle in the magazine rack on the back of the front seat and pulled out a used syringe, which contains some substance of light yellow color.

Taxi driver Gong said he had no idea where the syringe had come from.

The blood test results by Ditan Hospital showed Xu Tian negative of HIV, but it will take 3 more tests in 3 months to rule out the possibility of infection.

On the 22nd, Xu Tian arrived at the Haidian district Dongsheng police station near where the incident happened, hoping that police can contact the forensics center for him, to test the contents of the liquid inside the syringe. “But the police said this was considered accidental injury, that it doesn’t reach the requirements for opening a case, and they can’t have the forensics center test without a case,” Xu Tian said.

Xu Tian said, the blocking drugs he was taking had strong side effects, making him sick; he vomited as if he “was drunk”. And he has to suffer all this for 3 months.

But what made him feel worse was that his girlfriend who had been with him for 3 months broke up with him upon hearing this news, “I am 37 years old now, I was planning to take her home and let her meet my parents during the coming Spring Festival, and we were even planning to get married.”

via Chinasmack

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