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Taxi driver goes to prison for attempting to rape drunk expat

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A LOCAL taxi driver who tried to rape a drunken British woman in downtown area was sentenced to one year and six months in prison, the Xuhui District People's Court said yesterday.

Prosecutors said the convict, Qiao Genming, 52, picked up the foreign woman, named Emily, in front of a bar on Fuxing Road W. in the wee hours of March 13. A bar employee told Qiao to drop Emily off at the crossroad of Changshu Road and Huashan Road but he didn't.

"An evil thought suddenly occurred to me when I saw the foreign woman was severely drunk and fell unconscious on the back seat," Qiao told the court.

Qiao parked the car in a dark area on Julu Road, where he sexually assaulted Emily for about five minutes and ejaculated before raping her.

Qiao said he had asked Emily to help him masturbate but the woman refused. He later dropped the victim off at Changle Road and fled, the court heard.

Qiao was detained on March 19 at his home in the Pudong New Area, prosecutors said.

According to Chinese Law, rapists can face a jail term of between three and 10 years. Qiao got a slighter sentence for attempted rape and turning himself in to the police.

via Shanghaidaily

girls, ati2 naik Taxi malam-malam, mengerikan! /67

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