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Chinese badminton player Yu Yang retires after being disqualified from Olympics

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Yu Yang

Following disqualification from the Olympics for trying to lose on purpose, disgraced athlete Yu Yang announced on Tencent Weibo yesterday that she is retiring from badminton altogether.
The message (translation via Beijing Cream):
"This is my last competition. Goodbye Badminton World Federation, goodbye my beloved badminton."
Shortly after posting that message, the 26-year-old had something else to add (translation again via Beijing Cream):
We were simply injured, simply chose to abandon the match within the rules. Simply to play better in the second phase of competition, the knockout rounds. This is the first time the Olympics changed the rules to have pool play before knockout rounds, do you guys understand an athlete’s injury? Four years of preparation and hard work with injury, (they) say it’s gone and our right to compete is gone. You guys ruthlessly shattered our dreams. Situation’s just that simple, not complicated, but is so unforgivable.
A day earlier, after being banished from the Athlete's village and sent back to China, Yu appeared with teammate Wang Xiaoli on Chinese Television to apologize for the incident, saying, "We did not comply with the Olympic spirit. And did not deliver a match with our true level to the audience, the fans and friends."
Yu won the Women's Badminton Doubles Gold Medal in 2008.

via Shanghaiist

kasian juga /62

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Iya, kasian, empat tahun susah2, tau2nya di diskualifikasi..

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tapi emank krn peraturan BWF itu yang kaya seakan2 memungkinkan mrk bkin bgini.. masa ada utk yg kalah2 masih bisa maen lagi...

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