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Shanghai mulling 72-hour visa-free stays for foreigners

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Faced with slower growth in international traffic at both of its airports, Shanghai is now planning to increase the time-period of visa-free stays for tourists from selected countries from 48 to 72 hours. We're not sure how many real tourists this will benefit, but business travellers who need to zip in and out frequently will probably have much to cheer.

Shanghai Daily on the visa-free policy which was introduced in 2000 at Pudong and Hongqiao:
A 24-hour visa-free stay is available to all transferring international passengers passing through Shanghai while the 48-hour policy is available to 32 countries including the United Kingdom, the United States, Japan, Singapore, Germany, France, Hungary and Switzerland.
More foreign countries may be included in the new policy.

The visa-free policy is also expected to be extended to railways and ports.
Also, in the report: Just 2,923 people visited Shanghai using the 48-hour visa-free period last year. While this was up 78.5% from a year earlier, one wonders if they need to do a better job marketing the policy.

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