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Shanghai Metro menyatakan bahwa penumpang perempuan yg berpakaian seksi mengharapkan pelecehan

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Shanghai Metro generated a Weibo storm last week after warning women not to wear sexy outfits on the subway. Seriously.
Weibo users were outraged after the official Weibo account of the Shanghai Metro posted a photo of a woman (pictured at right) wearing a sheer dress on the platform with the following comment (translation via South China Morning Post):
"Dressing like that, it would be unusual for a lady not be harassed. There can be perverts on the subway and it's hard to get rid of them. Please have self respect, ladies."
The post garnered over 6,000 comments and 15,000 reblogs, many criticizing the transport agency for "sexist" remarks. "What I wear is my basic right, it does not deny the rights of others" writes user SOY-BEAN-E.
Over the weekend, two women protested the remarks by wearing black robes and masks and taking to Line 2. They held signs that read, "I can be sexy, but you can not harass," and "yes to cool dress, no to dirty man."

But if they were hoping to start a Chinese version of SlutWalk, they did a pretty lame job of it. According to Tea Leaf nation, their statement failed to have much impact on Weibo users. In a poll on the popular microblogging site yesterday, some 70 per cent of nearly 17,000 respondents said that women should dress more conservatively when on the subway and that dress code has little to do with gender discrimination, according to the SCMP.
Meanwhile, Shanghai Metro still hasn't apologized for the controversial comments. In fact, the original post still remains on its Weibo feed.

via Shanghaiist

hmm.. kontroversial~~~

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yg diatas itu bajunya emang agak mengundang....

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