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Father sues university for death of son who died after donating sperm

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The distraught father of a medical student at Huazhong University of Science and Technology in Wuhan is suing the school after his son died shortly after donating sperm at a facility run by the university.
A local court opened the case recently after Zheng Gang's father sued the university for 4 million yuan ($628,972) when he died of unknown causes at the sperm bank.
Zheng senior told China Daily that Zheng had recently undergone a physical checkup and was in healthy condition which was why his death was so surprising.
His father had asked for an autopsy to be conducted but the body was hastily cremated two days after his death. (A report by Yangtze River Times contains the highly suspicious claim that this was done with the permission of both parents.)
According to the university, 88,000 yuan in "humanitarian aid" was paid out to the family around the time of the student's death under the contractual agreement that the family would not seek additional compensation.
In addition to the 88,000 yuan, the university also lowered the tuition of Zheng's wife who is also a medical student there.
During the initial hearing, the university denied claims that it was connected with the death. The trial is set to continue on another day.

via Shanghaiist

wah gak bole smbrgan donor nih , ngeri bngt /13

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ihh asrii, share beritanya keg beginiaann.. hahhaha

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ini uda lama kali far, lagian ini juga berita boo /aha

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