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Kebakaran di Leshan Road, Xujiahui

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1 Kebakaran di Leshan Road, Xujiahui on Mon 25 Jun 2012, 7:52 am

A fire flared up on Leshan Road in Xujiahui at 4:40 this afternoon. We first noticed it when smoke started bllowing out of a metal stack on the side of a building at 115 Leshan, at which point we called the fire department. A man blasted it with a fire extinguisher but only succeeded in flushing it out of the stack, where it caught onto a skewer stand tarpaulin and soared up side of the building.
Finally, several men with a hose fed by a water source within the wet market managed to douse the flames before it could spread to the residences above the market. The fire department arrived several minutes later and entered to the building to make sure all fires were extinguished. No one has been reported injured as of yet. The source of the fire appeared to be electrical.

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