Yoyoyo Happy New Year 2013!!

Cmon Guys buruan register, dengan menjadi member kalian ga terganggu oleh ADVERTISEMENT dan juga bisa dengan mudah mendapatkan berita-berita terbaru. Cara register pun mudah,klik tombol register dan masukin nama password dan email kalian atau juga bisa dengan menggunakan account facebook kalian...

Tunggu apa lagi XD!

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Tokyo subway lebih parah daripada shanghai pny....

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So, when I saw this photo series by German-born artist Michael Wolf, I was both intrigued and horrified.In the series, entitled Tokyo Compression , the Hong Kong-based photographer spent time studying the culture of Tokyo, focusing specifically on the individuals who spend their daily commute packed onto the city subway trains.The photographs in the project highlight the downside to living in a big city.Cheeks are pressed against the steamy glass and faces are lost in a daydream as people try to disconnect from their uncomfortable travels to and from home.Wolf says the photographs represent "chiefly the tragedy of the human condition. What you see is not the result of a natural catastrophe. Man is responsible for this himself—a dreadful system for people, and by people.”

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untung kita d minhang, yang line 5 nya biasa gak rame2 banget haha

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tokyo kan emang parah pas jam kerjaa /puyeng

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