Yoyoyo Happy New Year 2013!!

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Tunggu apa lagi XD!

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Free Museum Entrance on May 18 all around Shanghai

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Pay less? Why not?!

Did you know there was such a glorious thing as International Museum Day? Has been every since 1992.

Taking place on May 18, it was created by the International Council of Museums to encourage more people to explore their historical and cultural heritage.

To support the initiative, museums all over Shanghai are offering free or discounted entrances to their premises all weekend. So now might be the time to brush up on you scientific knowledge or take a stroll through the history of Jewish people in the city - or just take the next three days as your impetus for going to such regularly free institutions as the Shanghai Museum.

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Pasti rame banget, mending pas bayar deh baru pergi museum

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Jemykirti wrote:Pasti rame banget, mending pas bayar deh baru pergi museum

belum tentu deh, namanya juga museum gak bnyk yg tertarik kali, jgn ke museum yg terkenal bngt, yg biasa2 aja agak pelosok.haha

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may 18...? HARI INI! arghhh...mari mari kita ke museum.... /15

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