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17 Secret codes used by thieves and burglars in China

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Recently, Chengdu police made public 17 types of “casing markers/symbols”. “×” represents “plan operation”, ◇ represents “no one lives here”, a wavy line represents “beware of fierce dog”, while a rectangle with slashes represents “already thieved”. Police remind city residents to be on the lookout for secret symbols/signals made by thieves and to immediately report them to the police as well as remove them upon discovery.

Translation in english:
Plan operation
4-5 units that can be thieved
Very wealthy
Dangerous, avoid
Beware of dog
Lots of police
Be careful of neighbors
Has alarm
Danger of being accidentally caught
No one on guard
No one lives here
Single female resident
1 child, 2 females, 1 male
Household has someone who works in a government department
Nothing valuable worth stealing
Not necessary to enter
Already thieved

Bagi temen2 yang menemukan simbol-simbol tersebut di depan rumah segera dihapus deh.

shared from china smack.com

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