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The Weird and the Wonderful: Shanghai's Most Unusual Bars

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Berikut ini adalah list Bar-bar di Shanghai yang unik~
Mulai dari tema barnya, tempatnya, sampe menu minumannya~
Patut dicoba :/oke:

Salon de Ning

Lihat gambar di atas pun sudah terlihat bukan? Tempatnya Upside down~!
Bar ini terletak di dalam Hotel Peninsula.
Hal yang unik adalah tempat ini dibagi menjadi 4 ruangan terpisah, yang tiap tiap ruangan mempunyai tema masing masing, diantaranya adalah cinema room, submarine room, blue room, dan upside down room.

Go there during the week for a laid back drink, or on the weekends when live bands and DJ's perform on stage. Either way, this place is a trip.

Salon de Ning
Add: The Peninsula, B/F, 32 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu, near Beijing Dong Lu, Shanghai
地址:上海市中山东一路32号B楼, 近北京东路
Tel: 021 2327 6731
Opening hours: Tue-Sat, 20:00-01:00

Departure 10 Ultra Lounge (D10)

D10, menarik karena temanya, PESAWAT TERBANG.
Tempat ini penuh setiap sabtu malam dengan campuran anak muda (20tahunan) dengan orang asing yang datang untuk minum. Coktail seharga RMB 70, Shots RMB 55, dan Botol mulai dari harga RMB 600

Don't leave without: Putting your stuff in the overhead compartments. It sounds lame, but it's actually a very useful aspect of the airplane bar concept -- there are overhead luggage compartments along the sides of the club where you can stash your coats and scarves and keep them out of your way.

Departure 10 Ultra Lounge
158 Julu Lu, near Ruijin Lu
巨鹿路158号, 近瑞金路
+86 21 5386 5159

The Alchemist

Tempatnya mungkin biasa, yang luar biasa adalah Minumanny~
Bahan bahan campuran minumannya aneh dan ga biasa. Di dalam Signature Cocktails (RMB 70 -80), km akan menemukan bahan bahan aneh seperti bell peppers, cloves, cucumber soda, tobacco and hickory-smoked bourbon, plus an array of foams, fogs, suspensions and infusions.

Head bartender Ryan Noreiks, who created a similar concept in Melbourne, turns all this from gimmick into something much more special. The ingredients, presentation and taste of every one of his creations will be a talking point and an experience in itself, plus there’s a similarly creative food menu, as well as beers (from RMB50) and wine (from RMB60) for the less alcoholically adventurous.

The Alchemist
Add: Sinan Mansions, Block 32, 45 Sinan Lu, near Fuxing Zhong Lu, Shanghai
地址:上海市思南路45号32号楼, 近复兴西路
Tel: 021 6426 0660
Opening hours: Daily, 18:00-02:00

Rhumerie Bounty

Penggemar Pirates of Carribean?? Rhumerie Bounty unik karena tema PIRATE-nya

These nautical-themed establishments have become firm favorites with bar-goers looking for strong drinks and a casual (if somewhat smokey) vibe.

The music selection is more 1990s and noughties than sea sounds, but sometimes it's a good idea to depart from your theme rather than assault the ears of your patrons.

Don't leave without: Sampling a selection of their special infused rums. With revolving flavors including coffee, cinnamon, citrus and many more, there's something to suit every taste.

Rhumerie Bounty (branch)
Add: 550 Wuding Lu, near Xikang Lu, Shanghai
地址:上海市武定路550号, 近西康路
Tel: 021 2661 9368
Open: Mon-Thurs, 11:00-01:00; Fri-Sat, 11:00-late; Sun, 16:00pm-01:00

People 7

Keunikan People 7 sudah dimulai dari seblom masuk tempatnya.
With no door handle – just multiple indentations big enough to fit your hand into – you have to guess the right slot that will magically open the door. Its location changes every day just to keep you on your toes.

Once you step inside, you're greeted by a dim lit lounge drenched in white. Take a seat by the window to enjoy the private bamboo garden just outside, or sit at the bar to watch the bartenders skillfully employ ingredients like egg whites and sake.

If you're feeling adventurous, try their “drink for two,” a monstrous frozen free-for-all that comes in a 2 ½ foot tall martini glass (which you get to keep!). Head to the bathrooms for another neat surprise – which I won't give away here! These quirky touches and unusual drinks always keep things fun.

People 7
Add: 805 Julu Lu, near Fumin Lu, Shanghai
地址:上海市巨鹿路805号, 近富民路
Tel: 021 5404 0707
Opening hours: Daily, 11:30-02:00, 18:00-24:00

Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole, adalah bar unik dengan tema Alice in Wonderland.
The black and white checkered floors and ceilings contrast nicely with the broken picture frames featuring illustrations from the bar's namesake tale.

Menus are displayed on playing cards, while The Rabbit Hole's monthly “Mad Hatter's Tea Party” sessions showcase unique cocktails, like The White Queen and The Mad Hatter, served in – what else? - tea pots.

The Rabbit Hole
Add: 408 Shaanxi Bei Lu, near Beijing Xi Lu, Shanghai
地址:上海市陕西北路408号, 近北京西路
Tel: 021 3230 2778
Opening hours: Tue-Thurs, 18:00-01:00; Fri-Sat, 18:00-late; Sun, 18:00-01:00

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