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Ice Skating In Shanghai

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1 Ice Skating In Shanghai on Fri 09 Dec 2011, 7:02 am

Mau maen ice-skating ?? Berikut ada beberapa tempat yang direkomendasikan dari Time Out Shanghai :D

Century Star Skating Club

Sunken in the bowels of Pudong’s Mercedes-Benz Arena, Shanghai’s newest rink is huge (1,800sqm) and twinkles with crystalline perfection. But its shine is tarnished by the crowds. On our Friday lunchtime visit the ice undulates with a hundred bodies in motion -- families and excited teenagers, mainly. Despite the footfall, the ice keeps its form thanks to regular rolling sessions, which see skaters kicked off between designated two-hour skating slots (10-midday, 12.30-2.30pm, 3-5pm, 5.30-7.30pm and 8-10pm). A Toni Braxton-heavy soundtrack tempered with Chinese pop ballads adds a bit of Disney-on-Ice magic dust and makes this our favourite rink in town – even with all the people.

Price 60RMB (10.30-2.30pm), 70RMB (3-9.30pm), 480RMB/monthly membership card with unlimited access.

Equipment Skate sizes go up to 47, and it’s the only rink in town to include gloves, socks, pads and helmets in the price. The spacious locker room feels more pro than recreational (emphasised by the seriousness of an 11-step guide to skate fitting that’s pinned to the wall). The rink also regularly hosts ice hockey clubs. See website for practice schedule details.

Snacks The counter here sells only pot noodles and toxic cups of coffee (10RMB) but there are some food outlets outside.

Mercedes-Benz Arena, 1200 Expo Avenue, near Gaoke Xi Lu, Pudong
浦东世博大道1200号, 近高科西路(40 0181 6688; www.centurystar.com.cn).
Open 10.30am-9.30pm daily.
Metro: Yaohua Lu

Champion Rink

At a push, this tiny rink can squeeze in a maximum of 100 skaters at once. But judging by the excited whoops of the flirting teens within, the size works. This rink has a school-disco feel, with its acid-techno blaring and shimmering pillars jutting from the centre of the ice. Like most of the rinks we visit, time on the ice is limited to two hours. However, Century’s staff are a lot stricter about upholding the ticket policy – show your ticket upon picking up your skates, again on collection, and once again on departure; which brings us to the quality of the ice – poor. On our afternoon visit the rink was ravaged by a morning’s stomping and grinding.

Price 60RMB/two hours

Equipment Boots (sizes 25-47) are hit and miss but staff are happy to oblige if you want to swap. Other facilities are basic.

Snacks There are none, although there’s a reasonably priced Asian-fusion restaurant next door.

New World Department Store, Sixth Floor, 2 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Xizang Zhong Lu, Huangpu district
黄浦区南京西路2号新世界百货6楼, 近西藏中路 (6358 4983).
Open 9.30am-10pm daily.
Metro: People’s Square.

Bailian Shopping Centre

Awkward to find, Bailian’s rink on the fifth floor of a super mall beneath a mini-golf course sadly isn’t worth the effort to track down. It’s a downbeat spot on weekday evenings when kids hijack a third of the rink for their hockey training. On the Tuesday night we visited, the patched-up music speakers dangled silently from the ceiling making for a dreary skate. This raggedy rink is best left to the local kids working on their moves.

Price 45RMB (15RMB/skate rental, 5RMB/gloves)

Equipment You get what you pay for. That is, well-worn skates with scuffed laces and wobbly blades that have you tottering before you even think about hitting the ice. Better skates are available – they’re stashed away on the shelves -- so don’t be shy about asking if you’re not satisfied with your first fit. Shoe sizes range from 25-47.

Snacks There’s nothing to eat and beverage selection is the most basic we found: milk tea, green tea, a few fizzies and water.

Xijiao Bailian Shopping Centre, 88 Xianxia Lu, near Hami Lu, Changning district
长宁区仙霞路88号5楼, 近哈密路(5217 8979).
Open 11.30am-10pm daily.
Metro: Beixinjing.

Sunshine Zero Skating Club

On the seventh floor of a large shopping mall, Sunshine Zero sits incongruously at the far end of a food court. The rink is larger than its sister branch at the Bailian in Gubei (see above) and hosts regular hockey games, as evidenced by the club banners proudly pegged to the cracked-paint ceiling. The Friday night that we visit, one talented child toe- loops across the ice while two teens shoot pucks into an empty net. The music is quiet too, purring rather than thumping (unlike Champion rink, see left). The overall atmosphere is relaxing rather than gloomy, though, especially when you take in the stunning view of neon-lit Songhu Lu.

Price 60RMB/1.5 hours

Equipment As well as being able to hire skates, Sunshine Zero has its own in-house skate shop, stocking skates from 800RMB for a pair of basic Missions up to 2,700RMB for sports skates by Jackson. There’s also a dazzling array of skate-kit: Reebok body armour, Guardog skate guards, kids’ pads and helmets. Shoe sizes go from 25-47.

Snacks There are no notable ring-side treats but the nearby food court has some decent enough fare.

Seventh Floor, Bailian Shopping Centre, 8 Songhu Lu, near Zhengtong Lu ,Yangpu district
杨浦区淞沪路8号百联又一城7楼, 近政通路 (5552 9900, 6548 3358).
Open 11.30am-10pm daily. Yingao Dong Lu.

SUS International Ice Hockey Arena

Songjiang is certainly a trek from the centre of town, but this is the home of the Shanghai ice hockey team, and the professional facilities justify the trip. The cascading tiers of orange and yellow seats – 8,400 to be precise – that surround the 1,860sqm rink are impressive and make for a special skating experience. There’s no music, but the ice is near seamless. It’s a professional set up, but with plenty of space for amateurs. If you do want to brush up on your skills however, classes take place after the rink closes to the public: figure skating lessons cost 260RMB/45mins, and ice hockey classes are 180RMB/45mins. If you’re interested, contact the helpful arena manager Leo Li on 6782 7272, extension 8211.

Price 60RMB, plus 15RMB/skate hire. 40RMB/students.

Equipment Sports skates in decent condition, with sizes from 25-47.

Snacks There’s just a paltry drinks vending machine inside but there are plenty of student-y cafes nearby.

Songjiang University Sports Centre, 2000 Wenxiang Lu, near Longyuan Lu, Songjiang district
松江区文翔路2000号,近龙源路(6782 7272).
Open 1-8pm daily.
Metro: Songjiang Xincheng.

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