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Turis Australia diserang oleh ikan hiu di Bali

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Aussie teen attacked by shark in Bali
Wednesday, 30 November 2011 14:46

Mark Andrews, 18, was surfing with a group of school friends at a beach near Tabanan when the animal attacked at about 1.30pm yesterday, biting his right hand.

The teen was last night undergoing treatment at the Bali International Medical Clinic where staff said he would require surgery for the wound.

BIMC emergency department nurse Romi Putu, who treated the youngster, said there did not appear to be any nerve or tendon damage.

He said Mr Andrews was expected to make a full recovery once surgeons cleaned and stitched up his damaged hand.

Andrews said that he was "still a bit [too] dizzy about the whole thing'' to describe the moment a shark attacked his right hand surfing at an undisclosed river-mouth break near Tabanan in Bali's south west.

He was released earlier today and has spent the afternoon relaxing in a motel room, watching videos with a friend.

Mr Andrews said he had no idea what type of shark attacked him and that he would remain in Bali for the remainder of his holiday.

The Ulladulla High School graduate is booked to return to Australia on December 15.

"I was speaking to an Indo bloke yesterday and where we were surfing was right in front of a river-mouth and he said it was a stone shark,'' Mr Andrews said.

"I don't know.''

It is unclear whether the local man was inferring his injuries could have been from wiping out and hitting the reef below rather than being inflicted by a shark.

Mr Andrews, who denied selling his story to Channel Nine (Australia), declined to comment further.

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